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7 reasons to live in a coliving

In Europe’s big cities, there is more and more room for coliving. More than a trend, coliving is a new trend in lifestyle among young professionals, entrepreneurs and foreigners. Especially among those who are moving to other cities for specific periods of time, and are looking for flexible accommodation options that suit their lifestyle and pocket.

However, there are still those who do not know what coliving is all about and why it is becoming one of the most popular forms of accommodation. Are you one of them? If you are still not sure, we will give you some good reasons why you should try coliving at least once.

Why live in a coliving

1. More independence and motivation

By living with other people who have the same expectations and ideals of success as you, you will feel more motivated to achieve your goals. At the same time, you will have more freedom to make your own decisions, create strategic friendships and set your own work or study schedules. All of this will help you lead a more productive and goal-oriented lifestyle.

2. Flexible stays

Generally, those who choose to live in coliving tend to do so for fixed periods of time. While there are those who seek annual contracts, there are also those who prefer shorter contracts that also include flexible cancellation policies.

For young professionals and digital nomads looking for accommodation for 3, 6 or 9 months, coliving is the perfect solution. This lifestyle offers them the flexibility and convenience that best suits their lifestyle and mobility.

3. Fully equipped spaces

One of the great advantages of living in a coliving is being surrounded by everything you need on a daily basis. At LIV CoLife, you will have access to a social kitchen where you can prepare your meals. In addition, all our rooms are equipped with a microwave and refrigerator.

In your room, you will also have a desk and an ergonomic chair to study or work comfortably. Other common areas such as the coworking space, lounge and gym are also at your disposal.

These amenities that suit your lifestyle and needs are the main reason why coliving is so convenient.

4. Good location

A Coliving is usually strategically located near points of interest such as:

  • Public transport stations
  • Tourist attractions
  • Supermarkets
  • Universities
  • Restaurants and cafes

The excellent location allows residents to have a good experience of the city and the accommodation. It also makes many of their daily tasks easier because they do not have to travel far to shop and visit the city’s main attractions.

5. Saving money

Renting accommodation with all the amenities mentioned above tends to be expensive. Especially if it is close to points of interest such as public transport stations or the city centre.

In a coliving, these costs are considerably reduced. The best thing is that you can live in a good location, enjoy the amenities you are looking for and save some money at the same time.

6. Personalised accommodation

Another reason that will convince you to live in a coliving is the possibility to choose the type of room you prefer. At LIV CoLife, we offer 3 options: rooms, studios and apartments. While the first two are designed for one person, the third option is ideal for two people, with more space and other areas such as kitchen, dining room and living room.

Unlike other traditional accommodation such as rented flats, coliving offers more variety and different options in the same place. You can choose the type of room that you like and that best suits your daily needs.

7. Active community

The concept of coliving is more than just sharing space with other people. It is about being part of an active and international community made up of people who share your interests and ideals, and who therefore become your closest support network.

It is about sharing moments, exchanging ideas and knowledge and participating in collaborative work sessions in order to support each other in achieving your personal goals. It is even possible that the friends you make during your stay will become the advisors and collaborators who contribute to your academic and professional development.

In conclusion, living in a coliving is the right choice if you are looking to sign a flexible contract, enjoy well-equipped spaces, save money and be part of an active community that motivates you every day.


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