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7 advantages of living in a coliving community

Coliving is a new residential alternative where young professionals can work and live in the most practical and comfortable way. It is a spacious, modernly designed space that allows guests to live, work or study in an environment oriented towards the achievement of their professional and personal goals.

In Europe, especially in Portugal, more and more young people are encouraged to work remotely from other cities and stay in a coliving. This gives them the opportunity to travel, explore another city, meet other young professionals and also stay active in their work and personal projects.

The advantages of living in a coliving are many. They offer affordable rates, flexible contracts, different accommodation options within the same building and more. If you are interested in learning more about the coliving experience, we will tell you about the advantages of choosing LIV CoLife as your next home. What are the advantages of living in a co-living space?

1. Work and relaxation spaces

A coliving combines the best of coworking and residential space. That’s why it has spaces specially dedicated to both aspects. On the one hand, the coworking area is fully equipped; with large tables, comfortable chairs, good Wi-Fi connection and enough power sockets for guests to recharge the battery of their work devices.

It’s worth mentioning that a good coworking space, such as LIV CoLife, will also include a private workspace in your room. Here you will find a desk, an ergonomic chair, a corkboard for notes and even a shelf for your books or other work material.

On the other hand, the residential space is made up of different guest rooms. At LIV CoLife, we offer various types of studios, so you will notice some differences between them.

In general, all our studios include a large bed, storage space, wardrobe with drawers, private bathroom and a window covered with total darkness blinds to guarantee your rest. All this in addition to the private workspace mentioned above.

This perfect balance between coworking spaces and studios is what makes coliving the right choice for accommodation and work in the same place.

2. Saving money

When you compare the cost of living in a coliving space with the cost of renting a flat, you will see that coliving is cheaper. Especially when you consider that in coliving you don’t have to pay water, electricity, gas or internet bills. All these expenses are included in the monthly fee.

Moreover, in coliving you will have unique spaces such as the private work area in your room and the coworking spaces. If you work remotely, you won’t have to go to a coffee shop to feel comfortable working and you won’t have to pay to use an external coworking space. All this will save you money.

3. Excellent Wi-Fi connection

If there’s one thing that never fails in a coworking space, it’s an internet connection. At LIV CoLife, we guarantee you an optimal internet connection that you can access from anywhere in the building. Whether it’s in your bedroom, the living room, the social kitchen or the coworking area.

We know that this is especially important for those who work remotely, so a good internet connection is something you will never be without at LIV CoLife.

4. Sharing experiences

Coworkers are often people with similar interests, ideals and lifestyles. The possibility of sharing and exchanging experiences, advice and perspectives is presented in an organic and enriching way.

This experience will allow you to learn about the processes of other professionals like yourself, optimise your own processes and increase your productivity. In addition, you will make friendships that could even help you boost your professional profile by connecting with other people.

5. Work and socialise at the same time

Freelancers tend to have a less active social life, as they are used to being on their own. This undoubtedly has an impact on their relationships. Fortunately, the coworking dynamic of coliving helps to balance work and social life a bit.

6. Flexible contracts

Living in a coliving allows you to access short-term or flexible cancellation contracts. Some freelancers, graduate students or young professionals only plan to stay for a few months in a certain city, so traditional year-long contracts are not suitable.

7. Services included

Another important advantage of living in a coliving is that you don’t have to worry about paying utility bills. The payment of electricity, gas, water and internet are administrative costs of the coliving and are already included in your monthly fee. Therefore, you won’t have to make any extra payments and there will be no surprise taxes on top of the agreed rate.

As you can see, living in a coliving community is an excellent decision for young professionals, freelancers and graduate students. If you are looking for a coliving in Porto, visit LIV CoLife to enjoy these advantages and more.


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