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Why choose coliving if you are a freelancer?

Coliving was created with the needs of freelancers in mind. It offers them comfortable and well-equipped spaces to work remotely, as well as providing them with amenities and services that make their day-to-day work easier.

Without a doubt, coliving gives freelancers the freedom and convenience they need to work and live while exploring another city or country. If you’re a freelancer looking for a place to stay,here’s why coliving is the right answer.

Coworking spaces

At our coliving in Porto, LIV CoLife, you will find a coworking area available to all guests. It is a fully equipped space with large tables, ergonomic chairs, good WiFi connection and different power points to keep your devices charged while you use them.

It’s a place designed to encourage collaborative working, remote working comfort and productivity. It has been proven that when you work in the company of other people, you can achieve a higher level of motivation and consequently achieve your goals more efficiently.

In addition to the coworking space, at LIV CoLife, we further facilitate the work of freelancers by providing them with a private work area located in their rooms. These areas have a large desk, ergonomic chair, storage space and corkboard for notes.

This is the perfect place to work when you want more privacy or simply prefer to stay in your room for convenience.

Excellent internet connection

Having a stable and fast internet connection is key for any freelancer. That’s why we’ve made sure to provide you with a WiFi network with ample bandwidth to which you can connect all your devices and enjoy the same upload and download speeds on all of them.

Convenient location

Freelancers have the advantage of being able to travel and work at the same time. That’s why many of them stay in coliving communities to work and get to know the city in their free time.

Knowing this, a good coliving is located close to underground stations, bus stops and convenience stores, making it easy to venture around the city and commute anywhere.

Living with like-minded people

You’re probably curious about what your roommates will be like in coliving. However, you should know that coliving communities attract many young professionals, graduate students and freelancers, so you will identify with many of the guests.

It is common for them to share interests, ideas, lifestyles and even personal aspirations or goals. All of this creates a harmonious and collaborative environment where everyone is willing to talk, make friends and support each other’s projects.

As a freelancer, being immersed in such communities and environments is very beneficial. Especially since you probably maintain a solitary routine and don’t socialise much with other people due to your work dynamic. By residing in a coliving community, you won’t feel lonely and that can help you to improve your mood and productivity.

Equipped spaces

A great advantage of coliving is that all spaces are fully equipped. There is no need to buy furniture or appliances and no need to plan a big move.

All guests have access to studios and rooms with large beds, wardrobe, desk and comfortable chair for working. And at LIV CoLife, our more spacious accommodations also include a kitchen with appliances, dining room and living room with sofa and TV included.

Likewise, in the common areas of coworking, lounge, gym and social kitchen you’ll find everything you need, plus all the necessary furnishings so you won’t need anything else.

A single invoice

As a freelancer, it’s important to keep your accounts straight, and there’s nothing more annoying than agreeing on a fee and then receiving surprise taxes or extra charges on your accommodation. The great thing about coliving communities is that the rental rate doesn’t change from month to month and it’s a one-off payment that’s all-inclusive.

When you pay for a month’s coliving accommodation, you are paying for your room, access to the common areas and all utilities such as electricity, internet and water. You won’t have to worry about extra bills and this will allow you to better plan your finances and simplify your responsibilities.

Modern design

At LIV CoLife, we are committed to modern design coliving where guests feel comfortable with new furnishings and facilities in excellent condition.

In general, the design of a coliving community aims to give residents a better accommodation experience, taking into account the lifestyle of the city where they are located. In a cosmopolitan city like Porto, the ideal is to provide a modern and contemporary space where young professionals feel at home.

It is for these reasons that freelancers feel so good living in a coliving. The services, facilities and amenities ensure the best working and living space in the city.


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