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What to expect from coliving in Porto

Did you know that coliving in Porto has become the preferred form of accommodation for digital nomads and freelancers? Porto and Lisbon are the main cities in Portugal that attract these young professionals in search of new experiences and growth opportunities.

When they arrive, traditional rentals do not suit their lifestyle and expectations, so they prefer coliving for its flexibility and convenience. Over the last few years, the trend in accommodation is moving more towards communal living and more young people are asking what it’s all about.

If you are interested in coliving, but don’t know what to expect or what it’s really about, don’t miss these details.

Porto, city of digital nomads

Due to its natural beauty, pleasant climate and laid-back lifestyle, Porto is the second most visited Portuguese city by digital nomads and remote workers. Moreover, Portugal is one of the few European countries to have implemented the digital nomad visa, which has attracted the attention of those who love to work while travelling, forge friendships and grow their businesses.

As you start your coliving experience in Porto, you will be surrounded by young university students, entrepreneurs and freelancers. This will inspire you to achieve your personal goals and help you feel welcome and reciprocated.

You will also enjoy an affordable cost of living compared to Lisbon and other major European cities. In addition, you will live in the ideal setting to contribute to your professional development. Especially thanks to the coworking spaces, the cafés and bookshops, the like-minded people to meet, and the many events and activities in which you can participate.

Not least, if you love weekend getaways to learn more about the city and its surrounding villages, you will love Porto even more. Among the many things to do, you’ll have the opportunity to visit beaches, hike, visit nature reserves and stroll through popular vineyards.

Convenience at a better price

Finding accommodation that offers the basic amenities a digital nomad or freelancer needs, plus a flexible contract and full furnishings, is often not only complicated but also expensive.

When you compare the cost of renting a flat and delve into the amenities it offers, you’ll find that coliving has the biggest advantage. In this type of accommodation, you will have a fully equipped room with the furniture you need to study or work comfortably, plus you will have access to common areas such as a coworking space, gym, living room and social kitchen.

In addition to this, you have the possibility to opt for a flexible contract that covers the number of months you plan to live in the city and also the opportunity to choose the type of room that you like the most and that suits your expectations. Equally, we cannot ignore the ease of paying a one-off fee and with it, ensuring access to all services and facilities.

In a rented flat, the options are reduced to what the owner of the property has in his flat, which does not ensure you have the best furniture. In addition, renting usually requires a longer commitment and more paperwork. Also, utility bills such as electricity, water and internet end up being your responsibility, so everything becomes more tedious.

New friends and alliances

Being a freelancer, digital nomad or graduate student in a city other than your own can be lonely. Especially due to work and study schedules that force you to spend hours alone and reduce your opportunity to make friends or meet other professionals.

In coliving, thanks to coworking spaces, making new friends is easier, as you share spaces with others while you work. During your stay, you may also meet other people with a similar occupation to yours and form a working team to help you in your professional growth.

On the other hand, the common areas make it easy to meet others on a daily basis. Therefore, making friends becomes easier and you won’t feel as lonely as living in a flat on your own.

All the comforts

Unlike other accommodation, the coliving lifestyle is specially designed to meet the needs of young professionals. In your room, in addition to a comfortable bed, a private bathroom and storage space, you will also have a desk and an ergonomic chair for studying or working.

In the common areas of the building, you will have access to a gym, lounge area and social kitchen. You won’t even have to worry about paying extra fees for utilities, complicated paperwork or long-term contracts that you can’t break.

By living in a coliving in Porto, you will experience the perfect balance between enjoying your private life and personal space, and the best part of sharing with other people. All immersed in an environment that promotes your personal, academic and professional growth.


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