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How coliving increases your productivity

Coliving is a new residential alternative that allows young people to live in the same space with others who share similar interests and experiences. The concept of coliving combines the best of a shared flat and coworking, as it provides all the inhabitants with a space for living and working together.

Within a coliving each guest has their own room with a private bathroom. All services are included, and it provides everything a person needs to move in immediately.

The rise of coliving is mainly due to the pandemic, when the working world had to adapt to the need for isolation by opting for teleworking. This form of accommodation has come to revolutionise, not only the way we live together but also the way we work.

How does coliving increase your productivity?

Living in a coliving community allows you to increase your productivity thanks to the environment in which you find yourself. Here are the main reasons why residing in a coliving will increase your productivity:

Closed environment

Coliving is designed so that everyone living in the space can interact and live together. It is common that on a day-to-day basis, inhabitants share ideas, experiences and even create collaborative ways of working.

This is extremely valuable for young freelancers; they can learn from people with similar work experiences, as well as gain valuable tips to improve their projects or workflow.

Shared experiences

Living surrounded by people who work in the same way you do creates an ideal environment for achieving high levels of productivity. These people will push you to improve your projects, and they can give you their opinions and advice to facilitate your processes.

Having the opinions of other professionals will help you to expand and see your projects in a different way. In this aspect, the main advantage is that your colleagues in coliving could expand your knowledge and support you in the execution of your projects.

Work and rest in the same place

Everyone has moments of mental blockage, when they can’t see the solution to the work problem they are facing. It is at such moments when taking breaks relieves work stress, releases the tensions produced by work and helps to regain the energy to work and be productive.

Coliving presents you with a residential and working environment. The best thing about it is that you can take periods of rest when you are feeling overloaded with work issues. You can lie in your bed or relax in the living room whenever you want.

These breaks will allow you to increase your productivity because you will come back to work with your batteries recharged. You will also have the option to go for a coffee in the social kitchen or in your own room to continue working.

Quiet spaces

Generally, a person’s productivity is severely affected when they can’t concentrate because of noise. At LIV CoLife, we have a coworking space, specially designed for our co-workers to work in a quiet environment.

Here you can work comfortably and without distractions. These quiet spaces help each guest to focus on their work or project and maintain good productivity.

Comfortable and well-equipped environments

Coliving has adequate space to work comfortably. This means that they have tables, ergonomic chairs, good Wi-Fi connection and enough power sockets for guests to recharge their devices and laptops.

This makes for comfortable environments with everything you need to work smoothly. This will undoubtedly help you stay productive and focused on your projects.

A space without distractions

A distraction-free environment is the ideal place to work and be truly productive. Although coliving combines living and working areas, this does not imply that there will be noise, parties or similar disturbances.

The rooms and the coworking area are well delimited and spaced apart to prevent one from interfering with the other. Furthermore, thanks to the rules of coexistence, our spaces at LIV CoLife are kept quiet and harmonious so that our co-workers feel at ease.

Keeping distractions to a minimum is another thing that will help you stay productive, as there will be nothing to interrupt your concentration. In general, coliving means living in a space that is both communal and work-oriented, so it’s a perfect choice for a young professional, freelancer or graduate student.


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